Is the Manifesto for Democratization left-wing or right-wing?

November 27, 2018 12:22 pm Published by

The Manifesto is addressed to all European citizens and political movements who identify with it and would like to contribute to improving it with no exceptions. Our aim is to support a fundamental discussion which has nothing to do with the labels of the past.

In so far as it focuses on social and fiscal justice and on the possibility of adopting European taxes for the richest and most powerful economic actors, it is natural to associate this Manifesto with the left. The issue here is one of a Manifesto of a truly European Left and one that is genuinely left-wing. Most of those who drafted it and the first signatories of the Manifesto will recognise themselves in this description.

But above all, it seems to us that the issues of social and fiscal justice in Europe are issues which transcend the usual differences and are likely to bring people together: numerous European citizens of all tendencies, and in particular many disenchanted citizens who do not recognise themselves in the existing political offer would like the most powerful economic actors to be forced to contribute at least as much as the lowest income groups. Many reforms supported by the ‘left’ in the past, like universal suffrage or income tax, have long since become consensual.

Finally, the central question of the construction of a legitimate and sovereign European Assembly, supported by national and by the European Parliaments, go beyond the traditional differences quite simply because the issue has never previously arisen. At no time in the past have old Nation States ever chosen to share their fiscal sovereignty in such an ambitious way as the path we propose here. Our aim is to contribute to this fundamental debate and not to confine both sides in their convictions of ‘left’ and ‘right’.

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