Why should we create joint investments and a common European budget?

November 27, 2018 12:25 pm Published by

The European Community States whether they like it or not, do share a number of common public assets. Common or shared assets are goods which are not exclusive, certain aspects of which extend beyond administrative borders, as for example, the climate. The fact that these goods are of benefit, or are a cost to populations with no distinction of borders justifies common governance. The European countries also de facto share a certain number of challenges which cannot be regulated by purely national management. How can we imagine the implementation of the ecological transition of national economies without a common policy? How can we regulate the large digital companies in Europe if we do not have a concerted policy? The budget proposal therefore has axes for various challenges and shared assets in Europe namely: knowledge, the environment, reception of migrants and taxation.

The aim is to construct European commons to enable the European Union to project itself into the future by means of a transition in its mode of growth and by regulating globalisation thus promoting a genuine European model for lasting and equitable development.

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