Why is it urgent to adopt the TDEM?

November 27, 2018 12:21 pm Published by

Confronted with the financial crisis, the States set up a genuine European economic government to manage the challenge of the debt crisis. The problem is that this emergency government has become institutionalised without becoming democratic and it remains extremely opaque for citizens.

Following the financial crisis, Europe was confronted with a genuine social, democratic and ecological emergency. Society became more inward-looking, the European project lost meaning, a feeling of abandonment developed amongst some sections of the population and there was a rise in inequality. As a result the European Union became the scapegoat and was designated as the instance responsible for social tensions.

This crisis justifies the setting up of a new European government, the European Assembly, which will enable the democratisation of the economic and social governance of the European Union. The TDEM project aims to revive democracy in the EU by providing tangible and achievable tools to regain control of the European project and respond to the social and ecological challenges. The creation of a shared political space will enable citizens to re-write a shared narrative focusing on Europe. This project aims to break the deadlock in Europe by creating a sense of European commonality.

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